The Clairvoyant Process...

is an explanation of what you can expect when you experience a reading with me. The following is my best attempt to put a format to an experience that may not be structured in a customary manner. So be aware this is a dynamic process and may - or may not - follow an outline.

In the initial contact, you will tell me how I can assist you. There is a wide array of possibilities. However, considering there are no coincidences, the spirit has lead you to me for a reason. Our duty is to reveal the message.

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I will schedule an appointment with you for a time period of approximately 60 minutes.

You will have two options to choose from for your reading; a reading alone or a reading plus archive on a CD for your future reference ( this option is encouraged because often, for many reasons, during your reading you may not understand certain aspects of the information that is being revealed).

You may also have up to 4 people attend the same reading for an additional fee. It is, however, advised that all participants be related or looking to connect with the same family. Click here to order a reading to add additional sitters.

If you are local, I can meet with you in person. If not, we can communicate on the phone or use a web cam if you are setup for it. I do not have to be in your presence to connect with the spirit.

Often, I will ask for the first name of the desired contact. First name only. The less I know, the better. I will attempt to connect with the spirit prior to our appointment.

When we begin, I will go through a prayer ceremony and then I will take a few moments to connect with you in silence. At this point, I may ask you about objects or experiences that the spirit has revealed to me for validation that it is truly them coming through to you.

The possibilities are endless. I may get information unrelated to you entirely - possibly another family member. The client must understand this is out of my control. What the spirit reveals, may or may not be, what you , the client, considers important, but they do. This is about them.

They may bring others along with them, as well. Others can be pets, friends, relatives or souls they have a spiritual bond with from the past. Honestly, each reading is unique unto itself. I am just a 'straw' -if you will, that conveys the information. It is your job to listen and validate what I translate.

Karee Moore

During the reading I will offer you an opportunity to ask questions to the spirit.

You may have others present during this process, however, be prepared to possibly have your reading focus on them in part or entirely.