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Psychic mediums come with a variety of talents. I am an authentic spiritual medium-psychic-intuitive.

Unlike some clairvoyants (seeing), I am also clairaudiant (hearing) and can sense touch, taste and smell. I am an excellent resource for you and your loved ones.

Spiritual Medium, Karee Moore. I am 52 years young, a wife of 30 years, mother of two, grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and was a professional healthcare provider for 33 years.

I began connecting on a spiritual level when I was around three years old. When I was small I would lay in the grass for hours, amazed at the beautiful lights that danced around the trees. I just thought everyone could see them.

It seemed as time went on, I had an inner knowing about things. I could finish others sentences and I would know their emotions and intentions...I was always considered too sensitive or that I was imagining things! Well, I was right all along.

My life experiences are a collective of religious and spiritual knowledge. My spiritual awakening is a confirmation of all religious teachings and the divine energy they speak of. You see they are one and the same.

I easily connect with souls and relay information, sometimes vital, to those left behind. My prophetess gift has proven instrumental in criminal investigations.

I have yet to be surprised by the creative ways of which, or to what lengths, some souls will go to get their messages through. Sometimes during this process I see how they want me to see them and feel their personalities. We have conversations and I ask them questions. It is very exciting, gratifying, and amazing all at once.

I can also help souls that do not know their way, 'go to the light'. It is a beautiful awe inspiring experience. It is my mission to facilitate bringing spiritual enlightenment and love to those around me and share the wonder of clairvoyant psychic mediums with the rest of the world.