What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the form of communication psychic mediums use to convey messages from loved ones that have crossed over. I simply act as a conduit from this dimensional plane to theirs. Sometimes, these messages can be quite profound and life changing. If they have something to get through and communicate, they will. The messages are love based which act to help us with our journey until we see them again.

Often they will bring along others that were bound with them in the human experience of life. This can be an old friend, family member, or pet from years gone past. They give me puzzle pieces, so to speak, of validation to show that it is truly them coming through. This can be in the form of personal objects or experiences only known between you and them. Some of these pieces can be related to future guidance in some way.

In the initial communication we may not see how certain things fit. However all the pieces eventually are shown to us and we will know their meaning. There are no coincidences. When they deliver their message they will often stay with me for quite a while after the connection with you takes place.

They will continue communicating with me until they are completely satisfied with what has been conveyed. Sometimes they only give us what they want us to understand at the moment. They know best how and when we are lead on the journey to uncover the message.

The grieving process we are thrust into and left to deal with is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Some of us never get through it... Letting them come through and communicate that they are o.k., that they are with us, or that you will see them again is tremendous help in the grieving process.

Often we get stuck holding on to things that are not life giving, or if you will, productive. They may want to give us comfort and reassurance about our life or their new one. Sometimes we just need a little light to help us see our way. Facilitating this connection is the goal of mediumship. Whatever the message, it is always toward love...

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