Psychic Testimonials from Clients about their Readings

"Thank you so much for an experience of a life time. By the way, Tom...was a man that knew Steve and spoke at the funeral saying "he really loved his mom". The bells... I have them hanging on my front door, back door and the gate going to the steps down to the lake. The beaded neckless with oval something. I just bought a new lanyard.... Beads and oval pass key and rectangle ID badge. I have to tell you I suffer from PTSD and under doctors care. Last night was the first night no dream and no nightmares. From my son and I, I thank you. God bless, ~ Shary, Encino, Ca
The most amazing experience!! I am 1000% percent sure she was communicating with my dad and also from an unexpected visitor who had an important message for one of my friends. As I relisten to the session recording I am more and more blown away cause every detail is making more and more sense. All my questions were pretty much answered. I even told my dad to bring up something specific on my drive over there and it was the first thing he talked about. It blew my mind and burst into tears cause I knew and felt him there. I wish I could go again! I highly recommend Karee. She is the real deal! Susan ~ Ventura Ca
Last week, I had one of the most amazing & enlightening experiences of my life, thanks to Karee. She is truly a remarkable woman. My visit was a bit unconventional in the sense that I wasn't looking to contact a loved one that has passed on. I was actually seeking answers as to why I feel as if I've been "followed" by someone or something since childhood & why I have seen, heard & felt things my whole life that I can't explain. I was incredibly nervous when I walked through her front door, but she instantly put me at ease & after a few minutes, I felt as if I had known her for years. She helped me to understand that I have a gift (not a curse!) & she counseled me on how to control it & how to expand upon my spirituality. She even gave me a spiritual cleansing to protect me from some negative energy that had physically hurt me recently & the results were instantaneous. We did also make contact with two of my loved ones that have passed on... The first one, I had expected. The second one came as quite a surprise since we were never that close, but he wanted me to pass on messages to two of my family members that were close to him. I honestly did not want the session to end, but when it did, I left feeling rejuvenated, energized & alive & I've been feeling that way ever since. I was lead to her for a reason because I was sick of being afraid & ready to understand what has been happening to me & learn how to take control of it. As Karee said, there is no such thing as coincidence & I now truly believe that. Actually, no... I now KNOW that.Stacy ~ Oxnard, Ca
"Hi Karee, Just wanted to send along this note to thank you for yesterday. I was so thrilled that you were able to connect with my brothers. It took me a little time to process everything and I felt exhausted last night. I have always believed that my brothers are still with me but it certainly was amazing to hear what they wanted to communicate to the family. I spoke to my parents and they take great comfort in knowing they are together and that they are fine. Thanks again. I am still walking around with this great joy in my heart. I have shared my experience with friends and with other family members today. I think it brought comfort to everyone who has lost a loved one. Talk to you soon. Your website is amazing! Thanks again."~ Annette, Simi Valley, CA
"Dear Karee, I wanted to thank you for your session and time with me! You are such an amazing person with an amazing gift. I felt your kindness and warmth the minute I met you! I feel my son, Max, brought me to you! My life has changed forever now that I met you and the way you connected with my son, Max, which helped to connect with me. I want you to know that I have been in such pain and sadness, since he left me here on Earth, that I never thought I would have a sense of peace again. I now have some sense of understanding and peace even though the my void in my heart and soul will never go away. I miss his presence so much that it hurts! I referred my mother-in-law to you. She will be contacting you soon. My sister also wants to meet with you, so I'm sure she will contact you as well. I couldn't stop sharing my experience today with those that I love including my husband, Jeff. He is very skeptical about all this kind of stuff, but I think after I told him my experience that he began to believe. I would like to meet with you again in March. Please let me know what day you are available. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Have a wonderful weekend."~ Gina D., Glendora, CA.
"Karee: Oh my goodness I was so thrilled with my reading. I could not even imagine that it would be so wonderful. When my Dad came through with all the messages and validation I was amazed. I can not tell you how excited I was that you were able to connect me with my Dad. You shared with me things that no one would know without Daddy telling them. When we left there, my husband and I were on top of the world. I can not wait for my friends to experience your amazing gift. I love sharing my story with everyone and they are as excited as I am to schedule an appointment. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"~ Rolinda B., Porterville, CA.
"Hi Karee! It was wonderful meeting with you today. I wanted to share with you what my husband said after I told him about our session. I told him my grandfather had indicated that my husband played baseball. I acknowledged that he did play college baseball, and was taking my uncle and my dad ( my grandfather's sons) to the Dodger game tonight. When we were finishing up the session you again told me my grandfather was saying he'd like to see my husband play baseball on a men's team so he could come to the games in spirit and watch... My husbands mouth dropped and he told me that this morning at 3:00 am he woke up and was on the internet looking for a men's baseball league to possibly play on! I had no idea he was even considering that right now. He didn't really believe (or not believe) in spirit but he definitely does now. :-) Thank you again and I hope to see you again! Kris "
~ Simi Valley, Ca.
"Hi Karee, Thank you for sending me your email and yes you can use my reading as testimonial that you were right on with my reading! Wow, I couldn't believe that: 1) you described my mom's ruby ring with precise detail. 2) mom wished me a happy birthday coming up (my birthday is Thursday 9/13) and she wanted me to know that she sees all the pink for a party; I couldn't believe she could see the preparations for my granddaughter's upcoming 2nd birthday party Sunday 9/9 which the theme was Minnie Mouse with ALOT of PINK!!! 3) mom said there are now 5 there, they were 8!.... (to me that validates that my mom is with her 2 brothers and 2 sisters who have also passed away and 3 of her siblings are still alive. Other details that you said were right on and again no way you would know unless you were given the information from my loved ones from beyond! Thank you again Karee, you truly are amazing with a beautiful gift!! Warm regards, Eddi :) " ~ Anahiem, Ca
"Karee, I Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the mediumship party last night !! All of us ladies can't thank you enough...We all can't wait to have you over again!! Sincerely with gratitude! Joanna and Guests!" ~ Valencia, Ca
"Karee, I want to thank you for sharing your special gift with us! We received the CD and love the cover! My husband and I keep talking about the reading and loving how the experience has enhanced our lives. We can not thank you enough! Sincerely, Kate"~ Simi Valley, Ca
"I have been to many psychics and clairvoyants. YOU (Karee Moore) are one of the only people I've ever met that I feel has a true gift. Not only for the connections you make and the messages you can pass along, but your spirit is calming, caring and loving to your clients."~ Jessica, Simi Valley, CA
"On June 3rd, 2012, Karee did a reading for my niece Jennifer and I. Not only did she connect with my sister, my mother also came through. Karee described events exactly the way they happened. We were able to ask questions, which our loved ones answered. Also, our loved ones were able to give us messages. It seemed like we were having a tea party and everyone was just having such a wonderful time. It was a beautiful, amazing experience. Karee is such a warm friendly person. I want to thank her for sharing such a beautiful gift, which we will treasure forever."~ Debbie and Jennifer, San Pedro, CA
"Karee did a reading for me in October 2010 to contact my grandmother. She was so sensitive and very loving throughout the reading. I have absolutely no doubt that she has such a special gift. She told me that my grandmother's love was huge and to my surprise I saw my grandmother in this years christmas photos as a beautiful light energy! Karee was able to confirm this for me. This entire experience has completely changed my life. I am so grateful for Karee's gift. I now know that I am protected by light and I am safe in this life. I look forward to my "enlightened" journey through life that Karee showed me was there! Bless you, Karee!"~ Stephanie K
" Karee is totally amazing! I met with Karee for a reading to connect with my mother. It was the most unbelievable experience! Karee was amazingly accurate with all the information she provided. She delivered it with love and genuine compassion. Prior to my meeting with Karee, I asked my mother to help me, so that I would know for sure that she could hear me and that this was all real, I gave her a key word (a name) that she needed to get conveyed during my reading. You can't even imagine the feeling that overcame me when I heard Karee say the name/key word, that I had asked of my mother. I feel so much better, like the bricks of grief have began unloading from my shoulders. Although I will always miss my mother and feel a deep sorrow for the loss of my best friend, I no longer cry at night, asking "where are you" and are you "ok". Now I lay down on my pillow - picture her in my mind, and say I love you so much Mom, Goodnight!"~ Kelly, Reno ,NV
"Karee is very warm and caring. She is amazingly intuitive, sensitive, and comforting while submerged in her channeling. Karee brought so many, detailed to the " T ", memories of validation from my deceased love one . It was a truly unbelieveable experience!" ~ Holly, Bloomsburg, PA
"Karee is amazing! She connected me with my dad and told me things that were completely true. There is no way Karee could have known these things unless my dad communicated through her. It was one of the best days of my life! It is so comforting to know there truly is an afterlife and we will be together again with our loved ones. Actually, they are with us always from what I have learned! Karee, thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with me!" ~ With warmest regards,~ Jodi, Simi Valley, CA
"Karee was unbelievable! She probably saved my life! She warned me of a serious heart condition that was confirmed by a Cardiologist the following morning. She connected with my dad which lead her to a movie that held most of my message laced within it. He was a true movie buff that lacked communication skills. I found it very interesting that his message came to me in the form of a movie! Not surprizing really, he used a medium he was comfortable with. So cool!!! We do not change in spirit when we cross over! The message helped move me through my life and made me appreciate my dad on a deeper level."~ Truly enlightened and grateful, Dan, Lake Havasu City, AZ
"Karee's intuitive and passionate approach allows her a unique gift that comforts those who seek answers for questions they may not have thought to ask!"~ Robin, West Hills, CA
"My son and I have found our readings with Karee to be incredibly comforting and genuine. She has such a gift and we are so blessed to have had her share with us."~ Robyn, Tarzana, CA
"On December 6th, 2008, the world changed forever. The earth lost a beautiful soul, but heaven gained an angel. And on December 14th, 2008, I wanted nothing more but to leave this place and go to wherever my son was. Words do no justice to the pain. And in that pain, I could only see light within my two beautiful boys that are still with me on this earth. A chance meeting that only an angel could make happen. A meeting that changed my life. Karee Moore came into my life, not by accident, but because my son needed to tell me that he was okay, and that it was okay to move forward and that I had to move forward. The messages she gave to me were from my son. And only things that he and I would know. I am 100% SURE it is my son. Karee's ability is just as real as the air we breath, and just as authentic as the love we feel. I am eternally grateful to Karee."~ With all my love, belief and hope, Stephanie, Oak Park, CA
"An amazing experience! My daughter passed away after a year of illness that took her life but not her spirit. I spoke to Karee shortly after her passing. Karee did not know my daughter and I had not met her, but she had a message for me. My daughter wanted me to know she was fine and that she was with my deceased husband. Karee saw many things that gave me validation that it was truly my daughter, among them silk and braids! My daughter was last wearing silk pajamas and had her raggedy Ann doll with braids in her arms on her journey to a better place! The message I received gave me joy of a mom knowing her child is okay! I will never forget this amazing experience!"~ Gloria, Los Angeles, CA
"I am not good with words but I can't go without telling everybody about the amazing gift that Karee has. I now live far from my home of Boliva and the fact is it has been hard in that some of my family have passed and I could not be there to say good-bye. Here is where Karee has helped me. At the beginning I thought it was going to be hard for her since she dosen't speak the same language that my family does, but, this was amazing!... Not only could she talk to them but she knew things that nobody knew. Her energy is just pure...THANK-YOU Karee for being there for me!"~ Milka, Simi Vallley, CA
"Karee is simply amazing in her abilities to connect to those loved ones we care for and miss. The soft spoken and compassionate manner in which she delivers information or a message is helpful in allowing you to feel their spirit. My mother-in-law passed away some months ago and almost immediately Karee felt her spirit. She knew so much about her life that I had not shared. Karee put me at ease and allowed my father-in-law some peace after connecting with Mom. She had so much to tell us that we needed to hear. Bless her!"~ Teri, Simi Valley, CA