Frequently asked questions

What is a Spirit Connection Session?

I communicate and translate sometime vital information from departed loved ones to those left behind. I encourage clients to bring items of personal relevance to spirit, pictures and to write up to five questions for spirit about spirit. I do not want any knowledge of these items.

What is a Spirit Guided Life Coaching/Guidance Session?

I channel divine empowering knowledge which targets your circumstances and/or life challenges. It is an intense hour divine download of information specific to you.

Do animals come through from the other side?

Yes, if it is important for you to have the knowledge,animals of all types, basically any sentient being can present in a reading.

Can I combine a Spirit Connection with a Life Coaching in the same session?

I have found spirit decides and gives you what you need. It will be whatever that is. People often do not know what they need. I will facilitate whatever I receive for you.

Can you do readings over the phone?

If you are far away and can not see me in person, I prefer to use Skype or FaceTime.

What if your calendar does do offer a convenient time for me to see you?

You can email me @ to provide a number where you can be reached. I will phone you personally to work with your schedule.

Does it matter how long it has been since someone has passed to be able to come through in a reading?

No, I have not had any problems with time and spirit coming through. If their is a message for you, you will receive it.

If Spirit spoke another language can you still communicate with them?

YYes, Spirit speaks to me with energy. It is as universal as music. I can understand all languages.

Can I bring a translator if I do not speak english?

Yes, contact me to discuss your situation further. Email me @ to provide your contact number so I can reach you.

Will Spirit help me with my life choices?

No, you have the power of choice so you can learn and ascend according with enlightenment. The Spirit Guided Life Coaching/Guidance Session teaches you about your own power to help you understand how to receive whatever you want to create for your life.

Can I share my session with a non relative seeking different souls?

Yes, but you run the risk of losing your session in part or entirely to your additional sitter

Can I pay for my session in cash?

Yes, but please let me know ahead of time. I require payment 48 hrs in advance of your scheduled session.

How many people can join me in a session?

Up to 5 people may join you. Upwards of that number is considered a party and rates apply.