Psychic mediums and clairvoyants offer the ability to connect you with the spirit of your loved ones that have crossed over to the other side.

I am Karee Moore and I provide an intimate, personal and confidential mediumship experience. If you are local, I can do this in person. If you are located elsewhere in the world, I can meet with you on the World Wide Web via a Skype enabled webcam or Facetime from my home.

I possess a keen awareness of my sixth sense - intuition - which clears away confusion and allows trust to take place. The sixth sense is the spiritual side of our being. It is here that sensory communication takes place.

Within this sense, I can receive information in the form of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. This sense can also show me past and future events. This is not an analyzing process. It is a spontaneous sense of knowing truth.

Just as you know the smell of a rose when you are blind folded. I do not have to think about what they tell me I just know what they say. It is as simple as any other sense.

The spiritual realm has discovered and awakened me to this prophetess gift. In my search to understand, a minister told me, "The Bible speaks of your gift as revelation knowledge or discernment." All religious books speak of this in some way.

This is about a universal love that connects all of us, all religions, all of mankind and the world. There are no boundaries on this love energy called our soul.

They found me, not vice versa. Now they know I can see them... They bring messages they need conveyed.

Clairvoyants and psychic mediums such as myself have a sense of obligation to reveal and deliver these messages.

Mediumship comes in the form of a higher knowledge that humbles me... to my core. Help me, help them, help you!

Order a reading, call me at 805-613-7410, or email. ~ Karee Moore