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A Peacock Feather ?

Have to share this quick highlight from a recent Spirit Connection!

Earlier this week a young woman came to me seeking her departed father. He was ready and waiting for her arrival.

He gave her many validations of his presence not only during her session with me, but also how he is with her during her daily life as well!

The most shocking example he gave that day is one worth sharing and I feel you would enjoy. It went like this…

All the sudden I saw a ‘Peacock feather’ in my 6th sense field of view! I was surprised about this feather a bit. I immediately asked Spirit telepathically what the significance was of this feather? He said, “Trust me Karee, she will know exactly what I am talking about. Just ask her.”

Still hesitant because to me it seemed so random, I then said to her, “O.K., Your dad is showing me this peacock feather and I just can’t imagine how or why he would tell me about this? Do you understand what he is talking about? And if so please tell me about it.”

Her eyes opened widely as she repositioned herself in the chair to a more upright position. She leaned forward and said, “Oh my God, He is talking about the peacock feather I have in my car on my dashboard!” I asked, “Your joking right? You have a peacock feather on the dashboard of your car right now out in front of my house?!” She said,”Yes! I thought it was pretty.”

I said, “O.K., when we leave today I am coming outside to check this out!”

Sure enough, there, big as day was this long peacock feather lying on her dash! I am telling you! I don’t have a peacock feather on my dashboard do you?! This gift is always blowing my mind.

I hope you enjoyed this little story!


Karee Moore Medium XOXO

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