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Gold Pendant Vision Revealed After 3 Years!

Amazing! See my client’s correspondence to me below regarding finding her father’s gold eagle pendant in the exact place I told her it was in 3 years ago. Unbelievable!

The pendant I discribed and the location she would find it.

My Dear Karee,

Back in March 2015, you gave me a lovely, very personal, spot on reading…

Before I left your home, you asked, “Is there anything else you would like to know?” I said, “Well I gave my husband my dad’s beautiful gold eagle pendant and chain when we got married, and he lost it. We searched everywhere, and it was never found.”

You said, “it is laying on something green, surrounded by wood, and it is in the corner, and there is something on top of it.”

I love spirit, we moved from our home in Moorpark in 2015, trust that my husband and I took every drawer out of every dresser and jewelry box, and searched for that eagle pendant, and we never found it.

After almost three years, my daughter found it last week, and just where you said it would be, in the exact way you described it, and it was in fact surrounded by angel earrings on top of it, and crosses, and I placed this jewelry on top of it by accident in a secret compartment on top of my jewelry armoire that has a hidden mirror inside.

On the day we moved, the entire armoire was carefully covered and belted up, and taken on a moving truck. When they delivered it to my home I forgot about the mirror on top, until the day before my daughter’s wedding.

My daughter came over to my house to pick out a necklace for her wedding, and I pulled up the hidden mirror, for her to model jewelry, and in her search under the angels was the chain. She pulled up the chain and the eagle popped up as it was stuffed in the corner on dark green velvet next to the mahogany corner of the mirror.

(See Photos above going in counter clockwise as they discovered it!)

Unbelievable! Thank you so much!


Second correspondence to me:

Dear Karee,

Attached are (5) photos I took for you. I hope the file is not too big!

As my Chelsea described it, she grabbed what she thought was the chain of her Grandmother’s diamond and crystal gold pendent for the wedding, the eagle was in the right corner under the green earrings on green velvet. You were spot on with the green with spirit all the way around.

She grabbed the chain, it was tangled around the cross, and when she pulled, the force moved the cross, which lifted the earrings over, and up popped the eagle. Extraordinary!

I took a close up, and you cannot see the eagle at all, you were right, something was on top of it.

You also did this amazing reading! During my reading with another piece of jewelry at your home, you drew a perfect circle and then drew round amber stones around the edge, and I had a President Kennedy gold plated silver dollar pendant in my pocket surrounded by amber stones. That pendant fit right into the circle you drew. You took pictures of that, and it was just amazing!

If you need anything else please feel free to let me know, thank you again. I hope we meet again soon!


Sue K.

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