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Spirit tells me your hiding something?

I want to share with you a few of my client’s experiences during their Spirit Connections with me.

The above is a collage of just some of the items Spirit has revealed. Often during these sessions Spirit uses me in various ways to give my clients validations that cannot be disputed. One of the ways is a process through or via my 3rd eye. I will be shown items of which I immediately upon seeing with my sixth sense connection, will draw for my clients to show them what Spirit has revealed to me. To there complete shock and awe, disbelief and utter surprise, and quite frankly mine as well, they then will pull the item out to display it to me.

To prepare for sessions with me, it is not mandatory but, I always recommend my clients bring a couple of personal items from the spirit they are seeking a connection with. A picture of spirit and up to five handwritten questions for spirit. Mind you all of which I have NO prior or current knowledge of during their sessions. Spirit will typically describe the items, the pictures and also will answer a good portion if not all questions my clients have written down and hidden from my view.

It is so amazing and gratifying to be able to give my clients this type of validation. Their departed loved ones are alive, well and with us always in Spirit!


In & With Spirit,

Karee Moore Medium XOXO

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