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The Dog With The ‘Notched’ Ear

This little princess came through loud and clear one afternoon to give her human validation that she was there and ‘OK’ in Spirit.

She began telling me all about the special notch on her left ear that when rubbed made her hind leg go into incessant scratch mode with joy! It was then my client pulled out a picture of this little peanut and there it was! The notched ear! WOW…I LOVE doing this stuff!

She also wanted me to know she knew her human had brought along her beloved blanket that day. She described it as having a ‘Zig-Zag’ pattern on it. To my surprise, hidden in the bag, she pulled out her dogs blanket!

This little dog gave many other validations by describing things she loved, i.e. her leash and collar etc… This little dog wanted to make 100% certain that her human knew she was there. <3

I hope you enjoyed this little highlight from a recent session.

I hope you all had a joyful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Karee Moore Medium XOXO

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