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WOW! Spirit Reveals Itself at Group Session !

What an experience! I’ll have to admit that while I talk to Spirit all day long, I have never had one to ask me to photograph them until now! During a recent group session Spirit did just that! This is how it went…

A small group of ladies that had recently lost a beloved coworker called to ask if I could connect them with her.

Absolutely I love groups! Friends, food, wine and connecting with old friends and loved ones! What’s to say no to? Just tell me when and where right?

We put it on the calendar and I met them at one of their homes for the session.

After connecting each of them with personal family or friends, I then asked the one coworker friend they all had in common to come forward.

Without hesitation she was there on the spot! I told the ladies I understood why this departed friend was so missed. She reminded me a bit of Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live. Yes, they all shook their heads in agreement that it was she I was talking to for certain. I described her personality and how she looked to give them validation.

Then when all of the sudden while I was in telepathic conversation with her, she told me she was in the dark room? Confused about this I asked the ladies if they knew what she was talking about. I asked, “Was her work room kinda dark or something?” I couldn’t imagine where this dark room thing was leading us.

I could see the ladies kind of drop because of the word ‘dark’ right?… So quickly I assured them that I felt it meant something positive for certain.

In the following moments their departed friend began to expand on what she was trying to say to me to help us understand. She said she was in the dark room behind the ladies! I then looked up and beyond the ladies and realized exactly what she meant. She said to get my camera and video tape her in Spirit against the dark room behind them so all her friends could see her!

I then realized what she was trying to orchestrate.

Without delay I quickly grabbed my cell phone and told the ladies what I was about to do. Then I pointed to the dark room behind one of the ladies (of whom gave me permission to post this) and sure enough, big as day, there she was! I asked to move slowly and as I did if you watch carefully she hesitates a bit and then starts to move away.

So if you want to see the video for yourselves, just click the link above. Pay close attention near the woman’s head against the dark background. Enjoy!!!

Karee Moore Medium, XOXO

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