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Kingston the K9 Spirit Experience!

Recently this cute little K9 came through during a Spirit Connection session. His name is ‘Kingston Heartley’. A big name for such a little fella.

People always ask me, “Can animals come through during a Spirit Connection session?” The answer is, “Yes!” They will absolutely let their presence be known. What is more unbelievable than that is, they talk to me!

Animals speak the same language as humans in the Spirit realms. I always say it is just like music! Everyone understands music no matter what language their native tongue is in.

Well this little big guy did just that! He told me about his dramatic exit from body which my client sadly later confirmed. He was only four years old when a very bold and brazen coyote snatched him from inside the screened doggie door in the family room of their home!

Putting all that drama aside, he quickly changed the subject to a higher note. Thank goodness… He began telling me about his favorite toy. He described it to be a little green and white stuffed animal. So immediately I asked my client about this little dog toy Kingston loved so very much.

Then my client nonchalantly said to me, “Would you like to see it?” She did not seem surprised really at all. She later told me she had read all my stories on my website blog about happenings such as these.

I said, “Yes, absolutely I want to see it!”

She leaned forward and reached into her bag and pulled out the little toy Kingston had just described to me. It is in the picture above next to him on this post. It was a ‘Care Bear!’ how appropriate I thought.

Fantastic right?! Yes, animals do come through alright. So be sure to kiss your dog! They love you so pure and unconditionally. That love never dies!

I just love my gift so much. It gives people so much of what they need during their time of grief. Spirits that were housed in all sorts of bodies come through to people that need them too! Dogs, cats, horses, parrots you name it.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit!

Sincerely In & With Spirit of all shapes and sizes, lol!

Karee Moore Medium XOXO

P.S., I just read this to my husband and he got all bummed out. It isn’t my intention to do that at all! When I talk to them I know they are beyond wonderful in heaven. So perhaps I have become a tad desensitized by Spirit. It is hard to explain why I feel joyous connecting with Spirit. I just do…

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