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Karee Moore’s Proposed Final Resting Place MH370

Karee Moore’s Channeled Remote View/Seer Vision of Proposed Final Resting Place of MH370 in Broken Ridge of Indian Ocean. Using my sketch of vision drawn on March 12, 2014 in relation to ATSB topographic survey and Google Earth, I, Karee Moore am making my claim…On behalf of the families in relation to MH370, I urge authorities to have a thorough ‘good’ look in the vicinity of my yellow pin. It is not at the bottom of the canyon , it is sitting on the mountain side yet a bit down from the peak. You need to look ‘IN’ the ‘Broken Ridge’. (Vision insight: While I was sketching this vision that was shown to me, I was told it was in a Broken Ridge…To my shock when I turned to Google Earth to explore and feel my way around the Indian Ocean, after finishing my sketch, I discovered that there is a geological formation titled Broken Ridge!) #CNN #MarySchiavo #richardquest ‪#‎MH370‬ ‪#‎MH370news‬@KareeMoore

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