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Swans in Sea Water Visitation!

Wow! During a recent Spirit Connection…Grandma & Grandpa in spirit revealed their swan visitation to their Great Grandchildren at the sea!

The other day a mom and daughter showed up to their Spirit Connection. Immediately I felt mom’s parents. I told them I had her departed parents with us. They confirmed I had whom they were seeking that day…

Midway through session they (Spirit) very clearly showed me two beautiful swans in my 6th sense field of view.

The grandparents asked me to have my clients tell the ‘Swan Story’… So curious, I asked, “Can you tell me the swan story… Your mom & dad want to hear you tell it!”

The two looked at each other in disbelief ! “OMG! Yes!”, they said.

The mom began telling me an interesting happening with her granddaughters the other day!

The little girls were playing on the dock while under her watchful eye. She explained that her home is in a channel that opens to the ocean. When all the sudden two beautiful white swans swam up and approached the girls… She said it felt serene and surreal! She had never seen anything like it. Seagulls perhaps, but not swans!

Spirit told me to ask to see the pictures she had taken…

Here they are in the above collage… All I can say, is it has to be one of the more beautiful things I’ve heard spirit do.

I absolutely loved this!!!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Karee Moore Medium XOXO


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